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Turkish Bath

The service provided at the Turkish bath resembles a ceremony that ensures the relaxation of the body with the culture and art of Anatolia. You will feel like the Sultans living in the past with the effect of exotic aromas dissipating heat. Your body will warm up and your skin will soften with the relaxing affect of the hot vapor of the Turkish bath. The effect of Pasha and Grand Vizier will last for a very long time.

Pasha application                                 30 min.
Grand Vizier application                       50 min.

Upon your entry into the Turkish bath, the bath master will have you lay down on the hot navel stone located in the middle of the bath. The heat here will relax you physically and mentally. The bath master than starts the scrubbing process that affects the entire body and thoroughly cleans it; relaxing you as well as making you feel better. Scrubbing of the entire body gives you a feeling of perfect cleanliness; the skin becomes smooth and soft, whereas heightened blood circulation relaxes all contractions. Later on you will be embraced by an aromatic cloud of foam. Your body that rests with the pleasant smell of the foam is fully flushed following the massage. The bath master then activates the muscles with aromatic oils with massage moves that are specific to the Turkish bath and applies a special massage to your head, hands, and feet. At the end of the Turkish bath service you attain your physical and mental composure and enjoy a glass of tea served to you.

It is ensured that your skin becomes as soft as a baby’s with the care applied with custom prepared milk and honey blend to your body that has fully relaxed on the hot navel stone.Cleopatra  

Bath application                    45 min.  

This is a therapy that unites the unique beauty of the Turkish bath, and custom grinded flower, coffee, and pomegranate powders. It opens up all of the pores of your skin and allows them to breathe freely.

Harmony bath application                       45 min. 

This therapy used to be applied to the Sultans by their care givers at palaces and baths of the Ottoman era. This therapy, applied by two persons, initially commences with you being scrubbed by the national Turkish scrubbing cloth by our bath masters after you lay you on the navel stone that is located in the middle of the bath. Following this you will be embraced in a cloud of foam and after the massage applied with slow rhythmic moves, you will be invigorated with rose water and after being rinsed, and the facial mask applied to you at the resting room, you will feel like the Sultans of the Ottoman era.

Sultan bath application                             60 min.